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single, dual, portable toilets, interior sink, strong, large, single axle

Dual Sani-Jon Portable Toilets, Trailer Mounted

Model 450T w/Interior Hand Wash Sink

Toilet trailers have come a long way from the single drop-tank, blue chemical portable toilets mounted on a small trailer to the modern, spacious and elegantly finished multi-stall restroom trailers of today. They can be ADA Compliant, and/or combined with showers. Clean, Affordable and Comfortable.

Our ground level or trailer mounted Comfort Stations fit right in between the high-end trailers and regular portable toilets with features such as flushing tolets, waterless urinals, sinks with mirrors, linoleum floors, and hands-free fixtures. Heat and air-conditioning are also available for anywhere temporary restrooms are needed.  



flushing toilet, waterless urinal, sink, mirror, flooring, hands-free fixtures, heat, air conditioning
Powder Room, like home, electricity, safety light, vent, exhaust fan, flush toilet, fresh water
Flush Toilet, fresh water hand wash, Electricity

Comfort Stations, Model 4848E